The Celtic season ticket roll-out couldn't have gone much worse

By Euan Davidson

June 2, 2021

Celtic season books, over recent seasons, have been like gold dust.

Just last season, for example, they sold out entirely [Glasgow Live]. Securing a seat at Paradise was as tough ask, with fans clamouring to watch the Bhoys challenge for 10IAR. Of course, as we know, nobody was allowed in all season, and we had to settle for just being dominant for 9 years, with 4 consecutive trebles for comfort.

After the Covid-19 pandemic ruined our chances of watching live football, things are feeling a little more optimistic, generally speaking. Huge numbers of us have been vaccinated, either once or twice. Glasgow is back down to Tier 2 restrictions [BBC], and we may be able to meet up with old friends to watch Scotland in Euro 2020.

No matter how sunny the outlook, though, at Celtic Park things look far stormier. Ever since last week’s announcement, everything we thought would happen has not come to pass, and in spectacular fashion. There are calls to boycott, and supporter in-fighting is rife. We’re in a strange position where, now, some would argue that renewing or buying a season ticket for this season is implied support for the board. It’s become an absolute mess.

Celtic supporters / (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

An exciting seven days for Celtic fans is about to get underway

Could Celtic have reasonably anticipated this?

When Celtic released information on season tickets, they did so without a manager in place. That would’ve been forgivable had Eddie Howe been subsequently announced. Or, at the very least, an exciting Director of Football, to take responsibility of the actual task of building a squad to win the title back.

Neither of those things have happened. While nothing was promised, it seems unreasonable to suggest Celtic supporters weren’t tacitly promised something. Especially at the price of a season ticket. £50 vouchers for the club shop and free UEFA qualifiers don’t cut it, do they?

While the club are scrambling around for names, it makes anyone who was wavering on renewing less likely to do so, surely? It’s not much of an advert for parting with £500+ when our main managerial target changes his mind. Even less when the second choice, however talented, is by no means a familiar name locally.

Hindsight is 20/20, of course. But looking back, might it have made more sense to wait? Was there no way the club could have delayed? Any chance of bumping the share price in a lasting way has surely been brought to a shuddering halt.

It’s all incredibly messy. And from a club that traditionally acts with a certain level of esteem and poise, the last calendar year has been an absolute aberration.

Fans need more if they’re being asked to part with their money.

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