Why Celtic announced season tickets today

By Euan Davidson

May 26, 2021

Celtic announcing anything, currently, is going to be met with derision.

After all, we’ve collectively been kept at arm’s length, criticised and now, asked for money. It sometimes all feels a bit cynical. And, without the actual joy of being at Paradise to watch matches, it’s sometimes easy to forget what al the fuss is about.

You know, though, when you’re through the turnstiles on match day, the buzz will come back. Frankly, football fans are a captive audience. Our passion for the club goes way beyond the custodians. It’s players, it’s moments and it’s matches we care about.

So then, when the club had its hand out today, it was – as per, and rightly, too – condemned. The timing of the Season Ticket announcement seemed off. There was even an apologetic air to proceedings, with the club admitting they’d hoped to have had a manager in by the time of this announcement [Celtic FC].

Us too, to be fair.

So why now?

There are surprisingly few pictures of the club shops / (photo by Mark Runnacles – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

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Celtic are a business, and in business, timing is everything

For those in work, it’s the week you get paid. In most cases, certainly. So, putting out season ticket renewal forms in the middle of the month was hardly going to be advantageous. Psychologically, we’re more likely to spend when we have the means to, that’s obvious.

But beyond that, it feels like a means to prop up the share price. According to the London Stock Exchange, the share price rose 12 points this afternoon [LSE]. Combine that with a managerial announcement, and shareholders will get a return on their investment. It’ll be share price Nirvana. The rich get richer!

Ok, yes, this too is cynical. And that’s because capitalism is cynical. For a full manifesto of my personal political beliefs, get in touch. However, we support a team, and that team is ran by a PLC, whose job it is to generate income. That income, in some part, will be spent on hiring the players we need, and ensuring we have the right people in place to ensure success on the park.

So, we’re stuck the belly of a snake that’s eating its own tail. You can dislike the PLC (and God knows, you’ve every right to), but they need to make cash. That cash, theoretically, is used to make the team better. When the team’s playing well, we’re happy, we’re more likely to buy tickets, shirts etc. Or even, to attend Celtic: The Musical, which is a real thing that has existed.

It’s just, sadly, what happens. And because timing is everything, bumping the share price up and taking advantage of the calendar is a prerogative. Is the communication often crass and shallow? Sure. Should we have a manager in place by now? Absolutely.

But today, the football club is just operating like a football club does. It’s nothing out of the ordinary in and of itself.

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