The silence from Celtic since Dom McKay's departure as CEO is deafening

By Euan Davidson

October 2, 2021

With issues on the park for Celtic, it’s almost as if there wasn’t a sudden, shocking drama unfolding at the heart of the club from the departure of CEO Dom McKay.

Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou has motored on, during a difficult spell of results for the Bhoys. And while, yes, the board has been met with some criticism as usual, there’s almost a nonchalance from the club about a really important issue.

Dom McKay, something of a visionary figure for Celtic, suddenly left the club weeks ago. Barring a PLC update from the club, we’ve heard nada. Zip. Naff all.

Michael Nicholson, the acting CEO in McKay’s stead, has communicated with supporters just once during the period since boardroom drama unfolded.

The legal eagle, who has a considerable CV in law, could be an excellent long-term appointment. Or, he might be utterly useless. What we don’t know about his qualifications, for what was Dom McKay’s job, could fill Celtic Park several times over.

Yet, the board seem in no rush. A couple of names have been mooted, including ex-player Ramon Vega. But he’s surely blown it after some now-deleted, ill-advised comments on Twitter. Stiliyan Petrov has been coy on his CEO aspirations [Glasgow Times].

Ange fights back as Celtic prepare to face legend

Ange fights back as Celtic prepare to face legend
67 Hail Hail (Youtube)

However, it’s hardly likely the Celtic board would appoint an ex-player, no matter how popular.

The Celtic board are acting as if the problem is out of sight, out of mind. But given how important supporters are to the internal economy at Parkhead, we’re really being let down with the utter silence on the subject.

Celtic fans need answers on CEO and direction of club

The thing with all this is, is that Dom McKay seemed to herald a new era for the club. A forward-thinking, aspirational time in which Celtic would improve their infrastructure, modernise and look at European examples to galvanise the club’s European ambitions.

Did all that go out the door with Dom McKay? Will we ever know with certainty why the Celtic CEO had such a short spell at the club?

It’s coming up to a month since that shocking Friday evening, and nothing really seems to have been resolved. It’s business as usual, look at how well the club’s doing financially, nothing to see here, guv.

Dom McKay left Celtic last month / (Credit – Celtic FC)

Surely by employing McKay in the first place, the Celtic board were making a kind of admission. That new ideas were needed. More to the point, that Celtic could advance as a club while maintaining solid commercial activities, and even boost the brand long-term.

Now, nothing seems to be happening at all. The club are maintaining a decent level of communication with supporters on social media, a hallmark of McKay’s brief tenure. Otherwise, though, it’s almost as if nothing changed. Celtic remain in a stasis.

Celtic silence is delaying the inevitable dissatisfaction

It’s delaying the seemingly inevitable. Ange Postecoglou can get the supporters some victories, and keep the board away from criticism. There’ll come a point again, though, that fans will again have enough of the wall of silence.

They’ll wonder what direction the club’s heading in. If it has any aspirations to adapt after years of European failures, and watching our best players thrive elsewhere.

Do the club want to do half of the things McKay wanted to do? Does acting Celtic CEO Nicholson share a similar vision?

There’s so much we don’t know. Silence will only compound the agitation.

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