We all demanded change at Celtic, now it looks like we're getting it

By Euan Davidson

June 2, 2021

When did Celtic supporters become so risk-averse?

Now, before we get started; there’s nothing the board have done of late that’s cause for any comfort. We’re in an absolute mess. Since December, the club have lurched from one crisis to the next. Well before the 10 was out of sight, the measures to at least compete weren’t taken [Celtic FC].

It’s been a scarring, torturous time. Supporters elsewhere may laugh at this, because we’ve just come off the back of 9 titles and a Quadruple Treble. Yes, objectively, it might seem a bit daft. However, when you have the biggest budget in the country, and years of success behind you, it’s a bigger distance to fall.

Anyway, our remit is with Celtic supporters. And in a way, it’s natural that rumours about a manager we know very little about in Europe is deeply concerning. That’s all fair, and totally understandable. After all, we fear what we don’t understand, or don’t perceive. Maybe no number of articles or testimonies from former players or current coaches will assuage the fears of many in the support.

However – and again, this isn’t “backing the board’s man” – the idea of bringing in an exciting manager from way out of left-field might’ve been embraced before. Is it environmental, or is there a risk-averseness to the Celtic support in 2021, more generally?

It started well for Neil Lennon in his second spell, but fell away dramatically / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

"Carl Starfelt to Celtic is a big possibility" | Swedish journalist Anel Avdić

Sticking with what we know has been exactly the problem for Celtic

We can’t have it both ways. Choosing people based on their history with Celtic was exactly the problem in 20-21. Misplaced loyalty in old names cost us dearly. Now, this isn’t to say that we should rid ourselves entirely of people ingrained in the club’s culture, and just pick a random manager out of a hat. That randomness has been part of what’s turned Celtic fans off in recent days.

Again, entirely understandable; maybe even the rational response.

Equally, though, amongst all the clamour to get rid of John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan, there’s been a yearning for new ideas and approaches. Now, we’re potentially being presented with a manager who is the epitome of exotic, and some are writing the guy off before he’s even near being appointed.

We need a bit of balance. I’m not telling you how to feel, nor would anyone reasonably claim the right to. That said, any managerial hire is a massive risk. Things can not work out for a variety of reasons, and we can look to historical precedent to back up any argument we wish to choose.

The point is, nobody is right or wrong here, but there is still some reason to be excited about the possibility of an Ange Postecoglou appointment. But that’s if it it happens; as we well know, nothing is guaranteed.

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