Welcome to Celtic, Dominic McKay

By Euan Davidson

May 28, 2021

A penny – no, why not – a full pound sterling for the thoughts of Dominic McKay right now.

Unless Celtic pull something absolutely incredible out of the bag, here, the former SRU man is in quite a bind at this moment. Far from the smooth transition process that was hoped for, McKay has watched on aghast at a club that can’t do anything right currently.

In terms of an internship, McKay couldn’t have timed this any worse. There was such hope when the club announced the PR and marketing guru had announced his forthcoming arrival. Then, the share price took a significant bump when he arrived early.

Now, instead of making the teas, McKay has been vaulted into a club in utter crisis. In the most Richard Attenbrough-esque voice possible; welcome, Mr McKay, to Celtic Park.

It seemed like the ex-Rugby chief would be brought in to help speed along the recruitment of a manager. Ultimately, that hasn’t happened. No matter, surely soothing the qualms of a despondent fan-base could be achieved? Eh, nah, not so much, either.

But at least, at the very least, a season ticket advertising campaign, littered with tantalising bonuses would be something? Three strikes, and he’s barely in.

Now, none of this can be laid at McKay’s door, and not even close. But you have to imagine the amiable future CEO of Celtic has aged at least a decade over the last couple of months. I can’t help but feel anything but utter pity for the guy.

Welcome… to Celtic Park / (Photo by Universal/Getty Images)

No pressure, mate: but if Dominic McKay can turn this around, he’ll be a Celtic legend

So, what can you do from here? Peter Lawwell, for his part (and it’s important not to level too much criticism at the guy, currently, given what he’s been through) must surely be thinking of his legacy. If he leaves the club having hired an absolute jobber like, let’s say, Roy Keane, then it’ll be a sad end to his tenure, regardless of what you think of him.

There were so many great ideas being put to Celtic supporters through the press. A Director of Football was on the cards, but still we’ve heard nothing. A forward-thinking, excellent young manager has slipped the net. We’ve been ostensibly offered a revolution at the club, and it’s fallen apart before it even got started.

So, for Lawwell, this will be an absolute disaster. For McKay though, it’s an opportunity. And by the way, while we’re here, that idiom about the Chinese word for “crisis” and “opportunity” is a myth [Workplace Psychology]. Don’t say you never learn anything from these articles.

If McKay can steer Celtic into that prosperous new world that supporters were hoping for, with Lawwell bowing out on some kind of high, then it’ll be a critical moment for both men. While this is a disaster, and there’s no getting around it, there’s still a possibility to snag a top-class manager. Or, someone who makes a living from scowling and criticising Paul Pogba.

Jeezo, though. What a situation he’s got himself into.

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