What some people just can't seem to admit about Celtic as they lose the head

By David Walton

March 8, 2022

Celtic fans have had to listen to some absolute nonsense in recent weeks.

Whether it be the media consistently trying to over-analyse decisions that go in our favour, or Giovanni van Bronckhorst consistently going on about VAR [The Scotsman]. We’ve been made to believe decisions just keep going our way whilst Rangers are seemingly up against it.

Their fans have been absolutely atrocious in recent weeks when it comes to this. They’ve already been moaning about the weekend’s decisions after Celtic beat Livingston. It’s something they’ve done regularly in 2022 as they watch Celtic close in on the Premiership title.

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Indeed, it doesn’t feel as though we had this same level of scrutiny and complaints from our foes during the first half of the season. Not when we were 6 points behind. Nor did we constantly go on about decisions that weren’t going in our favour despite us having real justification to be livid. Remember Liel Abada’s disallowed goal on opening day at Tynecastle for example?

Nowadays, it’s a weekly occurrence for Rangers fans to either blame their own dreadful performances on referees or blame Celtic’s incredible consistency on them too.

And it’s clear as day as to why they can’t just accept what’s right in front of them. For the truth is it’s far too painful for them to acknowledge as they refuse to let common sense rule over hatred and tribalism.

The Celtic support shines again as Ange’s men move one step closer to glory

The Celtic support shines again as Ange’s men move one step closer to glory
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Rangers fans can’t stomach Celtic success – it’s tearing them apart

The fact is that Rangers fans had convinced themselves that they were miles ahead of Celtic in the summer. They were left laughing at our appointment of Ange Postecoglou and had it set in their minds that it would take us years to get back to where we needed to be.

So it’s far too embarrassing for them to backtrack now. The thought of us being 3 points clear at this stage was inconceivable to them in the summer. Yet the truth is that’s exactly what we are and what we deserve to be.

It’s so much easier for them to blame the referees for our dominance this season. Easier for them to pin a 9-point swing in the title race down to corruption and double standards than Celtic’s own improvement under Ange. For doing that would lead them into an embarrassing contradiction.

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They’re now in total meltdown mode because they know they’re running out of games. We’re 3 clear with only 8 to play. The thought of Celtic taking the title back after 1 season is absolutely driving them nuts. You can see that in their reaction to almost every 3 points we pick up and every point they drop.

It’s amusing to an extent, but it’s certainly getting a touch frustrating seeing the lack of credit we’re getting. Especially when so many of our own support were big enough to acknowledge we were beaten by the better team last season.

But even so, it’ll be glorious to see what their excuses are if we go all the way and take the title. Moaning about referees has been their default so far, it’ll be interesting to see how long they try to ride on that for.

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