Will Tuesday be Fergal Harkin day at Celtic?

By John McGinley

May 31, 2021

The Celtic managerial saga has been an odd affair.

Once wrapped up in the search for a director of football, when Eddie Howe emerged as the frontrunner a lot of that talk hit the backburner, or at least changed.

Richard Hughes became linked with the role and the name of Fergal Harkin dropped into the background.

Now though, it appears the man in the frame for the sporting director role as far back as February before Neil Lennon resigned has come to the fore again.

Sky Sports have reported he was the man who recommended apparent managerial frontrunner Ange Postecoglou, given their links in the City Football Group.

Fergal Harkin to Celtic is surely imminent

If that’s the case, surely Celtic will pave the way for Postecoglou’s appointment by bringing in Harkin first?

Time is running out and tomorrow, 1st June, after the end of the Manchester City season seems like a logical time to do it.

Doing this in a backwards way has always seemed weird. Realistically Celtic should have appointed a sporting director months ago.

Perhaps the Howe affair distracted everyone from that goal, or Harkin might have had contractual obligations, but since the chase for the former Bournemouth man has now fallen apart and we’re into June the club are running out of excuses.

Getting Harkin in the door, explaining the new football structure and then announcing Postecoglou as our head coach/manager in the coming days would be a lot more palatable than another haphazard PR disaster.

The links to Harkin and Postecoglou are already public. If the Greek-Australian arrives at Celtic Park without the Man City man then everyone will just be confused.

Celtic are said to have been recommended Ange Postecoglou by Fergal Harkin / (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

Celtic have been sloppy enough recently. We really need them to be on the ball this time, for our own sanity as much as anything.

Harkin needs to have an open and honest relationship with the support, explain his credentials and make everyone feel a bit more at ease that meaningful planning has been done and will proceed.

If we continue to project a picture of chaos ultimately it will become a self-fulfilling trait. We know that from watching our rivals over the last decade.

In other news, European club think Celtic youngster can replace £12m man.