Celtic advertise scouting role as club builds backroom staff

By Euan Davidson

July 7, 2021

Celtic and the “rebuild” continue in earnest, with the club advertising key behind the scenes roles.

With so much mystery shrouded in who actually does the scouting at Celtic, we’ve been given a bit of insight. Jay Lefevre, Head of Scouting Operations, is looking for a First Team Recruitment Analyst.

Lefevre, who used to work for Arsenal, Brighton and Millwall, is a noted figure in scouting circles. Clearly connected to the English market, it’s more than likely he had some insight into the signings of Liam Shaw and Osaze Urhoghide, to name just two.

With Nick Hammond and Gary Penrice both well out the door, it’s clear the Scouting Department is getting a shake-up ahead of the 21-22 season. Given the hit-and-miss record of the previous employees, Lefevre looks to have been given a bigger role. His next hire will be important, with a talented scout needed to fill an important gap in the recruitment team.

In the job spec [Training Ground Guru], the club specify that they’re looking for someone to be at the “forefront of player identification at both senior and youth level”. Using a combination of live, video and data scouting, they’ll be tasked with identifying key targets for Celtic to pursue.

That’s no small responsibility. Especially at this stage. But having a first-team manager with a clear playing identity surely focuses the scope. Lefevre, who worked with Unai Emery and Mikel Arteta, has surely worked to similar remits.

And now, a Celtic-daft aspiring scout will get to do the same.

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Celtic scouting is getting an overhaul

We’re sure plenty of supporters would prefer to see the Assistant Manager position being advertised. And maybe, to some this really isn’t a big deal.

However, there’s plenty to gleam from this. A focus on data analysis, knowledge of statistical databases and liaising with regional scouts are important tasks here. That infers there’s been a bit of a shift towards data scouting.

Obviously, we don’t know to what end Celtic were using data analysis to sign players in the recent past. While Lennon had plenty of critics regarding recruitment, he did sign players with excellent numbers from far-flung locales in the past. It’s maybe something that has been used to some degree before.

Of course, it’s matched with traditional scouting. I.e., actually going to see players play. But in the Covid era, that isn’t always going to be possible, but signing reinforcements for a thin squad remains imperative.

It’s also an indication that Jay Lefevre is running things. Given his CV, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, either.

Onwards and upwards for the Bhoys.

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