Atlanta United selects Celtic defender Andrew Gutman with No. 1 pick in Re-Entry Draft

By John McGinley

December 17, 2020

Major League Soccer is a bit of a headscratcher to your average European football fan.

With all sorts of drafts, league extensions and registration rules, following events off the pitch is quite a task.

Celtic defender Andrew Gutman has found himself involved in all that today.

Atlanta United, one of the bigger teams across the Atlantic, has selected his rights with their number one pick in the 2020 MLS Re-Entry Draft, their official website has confirmed.

However, it turns out, he may not ever play for them at all.

Rob Usry, the founder of SB Nation Atlanta United website Dirty South Soccer, reports that Gutman is unlikely to be retained by the MLS team.

Instead, they may use him as a negotiation tactic with another team down the draft.

What this all means for Celtic’s relationship with Gutman is unknown. Is it the rights to his loan abroad that are being traded here? Or will Celtic not be moving forward with the project? Is Gutman a free agent?

Gutman has spent the year on loan at Cincinnati FC, earning plaudits from some supporters for his performances.

The last we had heard was the Cinci were keen on retaining him for next year’s MLS season.

A switch to Atlanta would be a big step up for him, but it all remains to be seen how this shakes out.

We’ll update you on 67 Hail Hail as soon as we know more.