Celtic supporters: you don't have to listen to Kris Boyd

By Euan Davidson

February 3, 2021

Celtic supporters have had to put up with a lot this season.

There’s been the debacle over season tickets and “added value”, while watching games can be a total hassle. There was the embarrassing Dubai episode, which took mental gymnastics to defend. Let alone the fact that 10IAR is close to being an impossibility, when it looked easier to win the thing with the squad at Lennon’s disposal.

So when Celtic actually play matches, you want to relax. We just want to see the club do well, without the circus surrounding the club in 20-21. That’s why it’s all the more annoying when Kris Boyd is on Sky Sports.

The former Kilmarnock and Rangers man is a known irritant. His wacky trolling on Instagram is peak Da patter at best [Glasgow Times]. He’s got a knack for rubbing the Celtic supporters up the wrong way as a pundit. There’s always some dig, some childish act of rebellion.

And that’s because he just couldn’t do it as a player [Scotsman]. Much like Rangers “superstar” Alfredo Morelos, Boyd was unable to get the job done against the Gers’ biggest rivals.

But look: he gets paid to wind you up. Punditry is less about actual analysis, and more about generating headlines and think-pieces like this. We know that perfectly well, because we have our own master of the dark arts in Chris Sutton.

Kris Boyd says daft stuff about Celtic for a living / (Photo by Ross MacDonald/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Celtic supporters: You can simply not listen to Kris Boyd

I’m not telling you how to live. But Kris Boyd is employed by Sky Sports partially to elicit an angry response by Celtic supporters. In the same way Chris Sutton is prone to a quip or two on BT Sports or the radio, Boyd is their version of what Sutton does.

We’ve had 9 glorious years of winding Rangers up at every opportunity. We should be aware that Rangers-adjacent figures in the media are going to take a pop at Celtic with every opportunity they get. That’s just the reality of sport media.

In the NBA, you have guys like Shaquille O’Neal, who’s always ready to say something absolutely wild. In tennis, the curmudgeonly John McEnroe is constantly angry during live broadcasts. I’m sure there’s someone who commentates on Bowls matches who winds the Ultras up to no end.

But you have an active choice, here. If you don’t like what Kris Boyd has to say about Celtic, don’t listen to Kris Boyd talk about Celtic. It is quite literally that simple. He is paid to wind you up.

Call it anti-Celtic bias all you like; media companies are smart. They know that if they have someone on their roster who’ll angry up the blood of a certain demographic of supporters, they’ll use them. Again, Chris Sutton is the master of this. He has absolutely zero qualms about giving it tight to Rangers when needs be.

It’s tit for tat. If you have a telly, you have a mute button. It’s inevitable that someone who spent years of his life getting booed by Celtic supporters, while playing for our fiercest rivals, is going to enjoy a dig at us when we’re struggling.

The more annoyed you get, the more Sky will put him on the telly. It’s that simple. Focus on the match instead.

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