Celtic waiting on yet another club vote as league drama continues

By John McGinley

June 2, 2022

Scottish Lowland Football League clubs will vote for a second time on allowing three guest teams into the division next season.

Celtic, Rangers and Hearts have all applied for ‘B’ teams to be included in the fifth-tier after the summer, with clubs only currently having given permission for two.

The first vote to allow three to compete in a 19-team set-up was rejected by a margin of 13 to 3, which led to reports of ultimatums being given by the Scottish Premiership trio.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Now, The Scottish Daily Mail reports that a second vote will be conducted on Monday. [02/06 print edition, page 77]

Presumably, this indicates there is a change of feeling amongst club leaders, despite an indication they were set to reject the introduction of any B sides. As is always the case in Scottish football, owners and chairpersons simply love a bit of voting drama.

Celtic, Rangers and Hearts are all willing to pay £40,000 each for the honour of fielding a team in the league, which is a significant increase on the £25,000 that the two Glasgow teams paid last year.

That £120,000 would be split between all 16 Lowland League sides, which you’d imagine could be a motivation in the upcoming vote.

Celtic coaches and players enjoyed the B team experience last term so the club will be hoping an agreement can be reached, even if the proposals continue to provoke controversy.

If the Lowland League reject the idea of three guest clubs for a second time, they’ll have to either decide on the two they want to be admitted or wave goodbye to the idea entirely.

All eyes on Monday then!

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