Celtic winger Jota says new terrace song is a childhood favourite

By Euan Davidson

January 21, 2022

Celtic favourite Jota has reacted to his new terrace song, a version of O-Zone’s Dragostea din Tei, and it turns out he was a fan of the tune when it first came out.

Jota, on loan from Benfica, returned from injury against Hibernian on Monday night, and was greeted with the catchy new chant. It’s even been met with envious glances from Liverpool fans, who have missed a trick celebrating their striker, Diogo Jota.

And it turns out, thankfully, the Portuguese winger is into it, too.

Photo by Laszlo Szirtesi/Getty Images

In a snippet from a new interview with the Celtic winger, Jota said it was as if the fans knew he liked the song. He explained [Celtic FC]: “Yes, I’ve heard it. Some friends of mine just [sent] me it through WhatsApp.

“When I was younger, I remember I listened to that song a lot of times. Nowadays, the Celtic fans doing that… for me it was really good, it just remind[ed] me of my childhood. Those memories, [just reliving that] moment is really good.

“They knew I was listening to this music! It was just on my mind, yeah!”

Jota on the wing song

Just in case you needed a refresher on the lyrics, the song goes:

When you score you make the Celtic sing
Jota on the wing, Jota Jota on the wing
Every time you’re on the ball we know
There’s gonna be a goal
our superstar from Portugal

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Celtic fans get it bang on again, as Jota on the wing, Jota, Jota on the wing adores new terrace song

Well, there you go.

In fairness, that song was absolutely everywhere when it came out in 2002. Hard to believe it came out so long ago, but 20 years later it’s been re-appropriated as a Celtic song.

And why not? Jota deserves it. The guy has been outstanding for Celtic, and the fans absolutely adore him. You can count me in that number.

There’s something innately special about seeing a winger beat defenders and try the audacious in the Green and White Hoops. The lineage of breathtaking Celtic wingers goes back generations, and some of our most beloved players have patrolled the flanks for the Bhoys.

Photo by Ralf Treese/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Hopefully, it’s the thing that makes Jota decide to stay at Celtic permanently. That’d be ideal. Of course, his situation is a strange one, given Benfica’s loaner’s remorse and their bizarre financial situation. But if Celtic can land Jota permanently, then this song will be a terrace anthem for years to come.

Here’s hoping. And the Celtic songbook just continues to grow and grow.

Which Hoops star will get their own anthem next?

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