Former Celtic youngster says Hertha Berlin were after Callum McGregor

By Euan Davidson

September 29, 2021

Acclaimed coach and former Celtic youngster Mark Fotheringham says Hertha Berlin were interested in signing Callum McGregor.

Fotheringham, who spent two years as an assistant at Ingolstadt, knows the German set-up very well from his time coaching.

And the ex-Bhoys and Dundee midfielder dropped a big reveal when asked about the Celtic captain. McGregor, after a difficult season, has already shown why he was made captain with some stellar performances.

His style of captaincy has already drawn some lofty comparisons. Paul Lambert, another veteran of German football, compared the captain to Paul McStay.

Fotheringham did the same, but not before letting on about something the Scottish media might not have known.

He said [Sun]:

“Callum’s a massively important player for Celtic. Bayer will be delighted if he’s not involved on Thursday night. Clubs in Germany are well aware of Callum.

“Celtic fans want to see the team giving their all” | Jackie McNamara on 67 Hail Hail

“Celtic fans want to see the team giving their all” | Jackie McNamara on 67 Hail Hail
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“I know Hertha Berlin were very keen on him at one stage.

“I’m very concerned for Celtic without Callum. Him being out has highlighted how important he is to everything. They lack that football brain on the pitch.

“He’s a coach on the pitch. The manager can get messages to him and he’ll relay it to the rest of the players.

“When I was a kid, Paul McStay was my big hero. The Maestro. Now I see Callum the same way. He’s the new Maestro. In 20 years from now there will be supporters talking about him the same as fans currently talk about McStay.”

Would Celtic captain Callum McGregor have considered a move to Hertha Berlin?

You can imagine Callum McGregor handling a league like the Bundesliga. Or Serie A, the Premier League – the list goes on.

His pass completion and control of a game in a league as frantic as ours would surely translate well. Just as Paul McStay would’ve been a success in one of Europe’s top 5, and Paul Lambert made his mark in Germany, McGregor could’ve been a success anywhere.

That’s just one reason why it’s great that he’s at Celtic and not Hertha Berlin.

Photo by Jan Christensen / FrontzoneSport via Getty Images

The Bhoys captain signed a contract extension in recent days, committing his peak years to the club.

Like McStay before him, it’s in McGregor’s hands if he wants to be a rare breed of modern player – the one club man.

As for Fotheringham’s “20 years” assertion? If McGregor is able to win more silverware with Celtic, and maintain his performances, there’s no doubt whatsoever.

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