New Adidas international kits could send Celtic jersey clues for 21-22

By Euan Davidson

March 24, 2021

Admit it: Celtic kit news is exciting.

We’ve seen concept kits all over Twitter in recent days and weeks. Now, though, a slew of new international kits have been released. If you’re a jersey collector (not in the Robbie Keane sense), then there’s plenty of reason to be excited.

Mixing both retro styles and far-out designs, the designers at Adidas are having an absolute stormer. This Sweden kit will get fans of the 82-83 white on green pinstripe talking [Historical Kits]. For the more exploratory amongst you, the Mexico away effort is a blinder/catastrophe, depending on your point of view.

Adidas’ efforts for 20-21 were arguably the best kits we’ve had in years. Unfortunately, they’ve not been much luck for the players this season. All three kits were a roaring success, with stock running out shortly after first release. For those who keep up with the kits annually, or completists looking for resale value, the away kits have been a particular highlight.

Yes, this may seem utterly frivolous. However, kits get people talking. For example, remember the odd grey-and-pink effort with the Chevron [Daily Record]? Or whatever this was from Nike in 10-11 [Football Shirt Culture]? Horrifying. History condemns those who refuse to learn from it, etc.

Justice for the Celtic third kit: it deserved better / (Photo by Alan Harvey/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Celtic kit enthusiasts look to Adidas releases for clues

It’s also worth noting that MLS kits are being released, and some of them are… well, bold.

There’s this jazzy Toronto FC number [Football Shirt Culture], with asymmetric lines which calls to mind this Celtic effort of years past [Pro Direct]. In terms of what next season’s home jersey might look like, there’s potential in this San José shirt [Football Shirt Culture].

Then there’s the 400th Arsenal shirt to be released this season [Adidas]. With the link between Arsenal and Adidas, it’s clear the German manufacturers see potential in the Gunners’ branding and fan base. While we don’t necessarily agree with the number of releases Arsenal fans have been offered, Adidas may look to Celtic as a similar “heritage brand” and try out unique collaborations for 21-22.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if Adidas go bold. This season’s jerseys, while popular, are understated to a certain degree. Especially in comparison to Mexico or Argentina’s new kits, or Arsenal’s multiple change uniforms.

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