New Celtic man Osaze Urhoghide expertly silences troll in class TikTok video

By Euan Davidson

July 22, 2021

New Bhoy Osaze Urhoghide was already a steady TikTok user before he arrived at Celtic.

But upon his arrival, Urhoghide utilised the popular platform to great effect, sharing a classy video of Celtic Park. So far, so inoffensive.

Today, he fantastically put a troll to task for an utterly daft comment his way. TikTok allows users to comment on videos, and as a Celtic player, Urhoghide was always going to get a few of the less Celtic-minded users of the app attempting to troll him.

However, Urhoghide masterfully dealt with it. Responding to a comment that said “Celtic are *****”, the former Sheffield Wednesday man just had to pull up some facts.

Urhoghide simply shared a graphic of FIFA celebrating Celtic’s Quadruple Treble, to the sounds of popular TikTok meme “How is that possible”?

You can watch the TikTok here, but be warned, there’s some naughty language.

That’s how you do it, right enough.

Urhoghide has got off to an interesting start to life at Celtic. He’s been used sparingly in pre-season, getting into fitness under new boss Ange Postecoglou.

He’s also a regular YouTuber, with a well-followed account on the website. His most recent video was a contemplation on religion, called When Football Meets God.

Celtic defender Osaze Urhoghide destroys TikTok troll, and he’s probably far from done

A tough tackler who loves a late goal, and “mocking the home fans”, Urhoghide seems like a rare breed of footballer. On the pitch, he has that rugged, siege mentality. Off the pitch, he’s a thoughtful, spiritual and intelligent man who loves to interact with supporters.

That’s likely to put him in good stead with Celtic fans. The first thing we demand, foremost, is effort. Urhoghide will be given chances, and get to show what he’s about. I doubt we’ll have anything to complain about on that score.

Connecting with supporters off the pitch, though, is something different. Even players who weren’t the most talented have had charmed lives post-Celtic, interacting with fans and being held in high esteem. Marc Crosas is still beloved by the Hoops faithful, for example.

So, effectively telling a wee guy to sit down on TikTok is a perfect way to ingratiate himself with the Celtic mentality. Put the critics in their place with evidence of success.

Expect more of this kind of thing. Nothing combative, nothing spiteful, just a quick, firm “don’t think so, pal”. On, and off the pitch.

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