Predicting when Eddie Howe will be announced as Celtic manager

By John McGinley

May 10, 2021

Before we start talking about Eddie Howe and the timing of a Celtic announcement, let’s summarise where we stand on the reporting of his potential appointment.

Despite the uncertainty, outlets across the land continue to maintain he is the man for the job.

Keith Jackson in The Daily Record reported it was a matter of when, not if, last week.

Tom English at the BBC reckons it’s already a done deal.

Stephen McGowan at The Scottish Daily Mail has heard positive noises about it all throughout.

"Carl Starfelt to Celtic is a big possibility" | Swedish journalist Anel Avdić

The Scottish Sun reported in late April that Howe has been spending time putting together his backroom team.

There’s a chance all of these people are wrong. You may personally not hold much trust in those reports. I understand the relationship between Celtic fans and the media.

However, for me, when multiple outlets are all reporting the same thing and high-profile journalists are putting their name to the reports, I generally let myself go with it.

That’s where I am at right now. I firmly believe Eddie Howe will be the next Celtic manager. I also think it’s now all going to happen quite quickly.

When will Eddie Howe be announced as Celtic boss?

Celtic will be eager to spend as much of this week as possible talking about Scott Brown. There’s a real push from the club to honour the great captain and let him walk out of Celtic Park and head to Pittodrie with his head held high.

Brown has strong relationships with people at all levels of the club. It goes beyond football PR. This is personal for a lot of staff members. It’s only right they went to send him off well.

Expect a media blitz on the captain front. In fact, the club has already refreshingly arranged a fan media conference with the great man himself this week ahead of his final match against Hibernian on Saturday. 67 Hail Hail and others will have the chance to talk to him, which we are excited about.

It seems doubtful then that Howe is going to be formally unveiled this week, with press conferences and the photographs and all of that fuss. Even without the Brown narrative, it makes little sense to do so in between the matches against St Johnstone and Hibs.

It makes Monday 17th May a rather appealing date for all concerned. A viable timeline would be press reports or even a statement prior to the weekend’s match, with the formal unveiling occurring next Monday or Tuesday.

Eddie Howe is closing in on the Celtic job / (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

The new era can start just as the previous one ends. It fits. It’s quite neat. To be clear, this isn’t based on any information, simply a prediction. A feeling in the bones, so to speak.

There are still some fans out there sceptical of all this Eddie Howe stuff. We only need to glance at some of the feedback we get as a website and YouTube channel to see that. We get it, we’re not trying to pull your chain or give you false hope – we genuinely see all this working out and written in the tea leaves.

If we’re wrong about him coming to Celtic and there’s a dramatic u-turn, my team are going to have to drastically rethink how we approach creating content!

For now, allow yourself a deep breath, wish Scott Brown a fond farewell and prepare for Celtic to actually get the finger out this time.

We’ll all be feeling a lot better when the rebuild begins.

In other news, Scott Brown personally responds to Twitter Celtic fan’s brilliant, emotional tribute.