Why Celtic supporters will be rooting for Brentford or Swansea

By Euan Davidson

May 14, 2021

We all want an end to the Eddie Howe to Celtic saga, and that might depend on Brentford, Swansea or Burnley.

While there are plenty of supporters who get behind more than one club, it feels an alien concept to just as many. So, we’re not suggesting a lifelong commitment to one of three EFL institutions, here. In terms of the timeline bringing Celtic a new manager, however, it’s worth getting behind the Bees, the Swans or the Tykes.

With the Championship play-off competitors decided [BBC], there’s intrigue for the Hoops faithful. Jonathan Woodgate’s Cherries sneaked in, and that has ramifications for us. As my colleague John McGinley stated earlier, Howe is reportedly keen on bringing a couple of his former staff up to Glasgow.

However, that can’t be done until Bournemouth know which league they’re playing in next season. It’s just another annoying wrinkle in our plans. With season ticket sales at jeopardy, it’ll be frustrating for the board too, who’ll be wanting to get the roll-out in motion as soon as possible.

That means, sadly, some pettiness. So, Celtic fans: if you want Howe, get behind Bournemouth’s rivals for promotion.

The world and its dug know that Celtic were after Ivan Toney / (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Celtic fans will be watching Championship play-offs with interest

If the Howe Factor isn’t enough for you, how about the chance to get upset about Brentford’s Ivan Toney again? The Championship’s top scorer was close to signing for Celtic.

Toney told FourFourTwo:

“I spoke to a few people there, and I spoke to the manager, but just couldn’t get a deal over the line.

“[Celtic’s season] would have been different, is all I’ll say…”

Otherwise, there aren’t too many Celtic-adjacent figures involved. Given the incredibly tedious patter from many English football fans over the ‘British League’ plans, the idea of sitting down to watch Brentford v Bournemouth isn’t the easiest sell.

Still, it’s drama, and there are worse ways to spend an afternoon. Is it churlish, petty and small-minded to wish for the swift misfortune of another club? Oh undoubtedly, yes. In this case, though, it might expedite the process of getting Eddie Howe to Celtic.

And that, frankly, is in our best interests.

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