The last thing Celtic fans need: another dramatic Friday

By Euan Davidson

June 4, 2021

After Celtic fans were stung with the shock news of Eddie Howe turning down the manager job, you can almost feel it, can’t you?

While there are some contrary reports across the press, it does seem like things are moving along nicely with Ange Postecoglou. Celtic are even “confident”, according to the Sun. We’ve, in a week, collectively diluted months of tactical analysis. His record in Australia and Japan has been pored over.

We know what he could realistically improve upon. And, to hammer the point home further, we know he’s absolutely beloved in both Australia and Japan.

Yet, there’s a feeling that this could all fall apart. That’s something the Celtic board absolutely cannot afford. After the anger, the disappointment and the confusion from last Friday, another dramatic ending to the week just cannot happen.

In many ways, it feels an exact replica of last week. There are a few obvious changes to the format, admittedly. Instead of a season ticket announcement, it’s a shirt. Instead of Eddie Howe being the main name, but with significant caveats, it’s Ange Postecoglou.

So maybe that’s the primary reason the atmosphere feels so different. Last week, there was optimism, but this week, the approach for Ange Postecoglou has been met with contrasting cynicism and a “well, he might be good” feeling in the support.

That’s why it feels like we’re on such shaky ground.

The Celtic board / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Could Celtic board survive disappointing fans again?

It’s not to say that anything will happen today. Knowing the club, this latest manager hunt will drag on even further. Yet, there are some media voices claiming it’s just a case of the fine details at this point [@SportsPeteO]. Surely, the Greek-Aussie coach will be keen, and reportedly, his club are letting it happen.

So, it’s not unrealistic to suggest we could hear major news over the next 24 hours. But if that major news is a statement from the club shrugging at us, then it’s hard to imagine Celtic supporters will accept that readily.

At this point, Celtic could promote Hoopy the Huddle Hound, and a lot of us would sigh and say “well at least we know now”. It’s been 101 days since Neil Lennon left Celtic, and while the club always take their time, that hasn’t actually paid off this time. Our main target slipped the next last week.

In the event it isn’t the news that a lot of us want regarding Postecoglou, what’s Plan C? The more the Bhoys misfire, the harder it’ll be to ensure a different candidate doesn’t feel slighted.

Please, Celtic: we can’t be marking every Friday for disappointment. The fans just won’t put up with a repeat of last week.

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