Celtic board give strongest Neil Lennon indicator yet

By Euan Davidson

January 26, 2021

Celtic manager Neil Lennon gave a very revealing press conference today.

Dominated by Jeremie Frimpong discourse, the presser was typically fiery. When asked by The Cynic whether he understood why fans were calling for change, Lennon simply said “No” [Daily Record].

“We’ve won nine league titles in a row and four consecutive trebles which no club has ever done.

“I’m not going to cut corners with what I’m saying, I understand that people now want a change of manager and a change of managerial staff but the way the club’s been run over the past 20 years has been absolutely fantastic.”

That’s a story in itself, and we’ll get to it later today. The main thing is, though: Neil Lennon is giving a press conference as manager of Celtic Football Club.

So, it looks it’s business as usual for Celtic supporters, despite the promise of a review of Lennon’s situation. Because if that review has taken place, he surely can’t have passed it. Celtic haven’t won a game in 2021 yet.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

For Celtic, it looks like Neil Lennon is staying on

[long, exasperated sigh]

Look, we’ve speculated on Neil Lennon’s future for so long now, that it’s hard to know what stage we’re at. He’s not quitting, we know that for sure. But while it looked like the board might actually do something decisive, we can now take that to mean “selling our best players”.

How can we expect to build this team if no action is being taken? Any prospective signing doesn’t know who the manager will be next month, let alone in the summer.

For the players that want away, they’ll be confused by the board’s indecision. No doubt they’ll be hearing that their manager is on the ropes, or under review. Yet when they turn up for training, they’ll see Neil Lennon. What are they meant to think?

In terms of the board: are they happy with how this season is going? There’s no way they can be, if they remotely care about the club. They want to maintain a brand that is successful on the pitch, and simply put, we aren’t that just now.

As for Lennon, is there really no way he can understand why fans are unhappy? Is he unaware that while his team underperforms, the club are playing Willy Wonka by launching commemorative chocolate bars? Does he not understand why fans are upset that our collapse has come at the worst possible time?

Gutless stuff from disappointing board

10IAR was huge for us, and there’s no point denying it wasn’t. That’s beyond us now.

Yet, the manager who has led us into this dismal situation is still giving press conferences when his job is supposedly “under review”.

No harm to Neil Lennon, but any other manager would’ve been sacked by now. In fact, most managers would be getting their P45 for much less.

On the pitch, Celtic are gutless and lacking ideas. Off the pitch, the Celtic board are gutless and lacking ideas.