Scott Brown would've easily handled England, says former Celtic and Ireland man Keane

By Euan Davidson

March 26, 2021

Former Celtic favourite Robbie Keane has paid tribute to Scott Brown, comparing him to Roy Keane.

The ex-Hoops marksman told TalkSPORT that Broony would’ve easily handled the rigours of the Premier League. The Republic of Ireland legend also hinted at similarities between the Celtic captain and the club’s potential new manager. During his entire tenure at Celtic, Brown has never expressed any intention to play elsewhere, but imagining the iconic number 8 in the Premier League is at least a fun thought exercise.

Keane told TalkSPORT:

“As a player, Scott was top class. I don’t think he got the recognition he probably deserved.

“That was maybe because he played in Scotland. You know what it’s like in football, if you don’t go to England, people think you’re not a top player, but believe me, he was a top player.

“Looking from the outside, people thought he probably didn’t take players on with skills, but he did the simple things brilliantly.

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“He got on the ball, passed it five, ten yards, he was almost Roy Keane-like. Roy would get the ball and he’d play it quickly forward and did simple passes. [Brown] could have easily played in England. I have absolutely no doubt about that. He was a top player. Why would you leave Celtic?

“Celtic are one of the biggest clubs. He was in the Champions League every year. I’m sure he did have the opportunity to play in England, but he showed his loyalty to Celtic.”

Keane and Keane / (Photo by Sportsfile/Corbis/Sportsfile via Getty Images)

Robbie Keane is right: Scott Brown could’ve handled the Premier League

It’s subjective, obviously. To us though, Robbie Keane is spot on. We’re lucky, in many respects, to have had Scott Brown for his best years.

Given that other Celtic players have prospered in the English top-flight, it’s certainly possible Broony would’ve succeeded. Brown watched on unfazed as the likes of Beram Kayal, Kieran Tierney, Virgil van Dijk, Stuart Armstrong and Victor Wanyama took their talents south of Hadrian’s Wall.

The Roy Keane comparisons are very interesting indeed. While we’re less than convinced by a Roy Keane tenure in 2021, it would’ve been very interesting to see how Scott Brown might’ve developed under the Manchester United legend. That’s something we’ll never see, though.

With the next chapter of his career confirmed and his prime years behind him, Broony will move on with the blessing of the Celtic support. What a job he’s done for us.

23 trophies in Scotland surely trumps anything England could’ve offered Scott Brown.

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