Celtic try to flog life insurance amidst crisis

By Euan Davidson

June 5, 2021

Can I shock you – we don’t want to criticise Celtic.

We are Celtic supporters. Of course, when it’s time for holding the club to account, we’ll do that without question. But, honestly? I don’t speak for all the staff, nor Celtic writers in general, but I’ve got to assume covering the club over recent months has been a grind for all of us, because the club are in utter disarray.

Yesterday, we thought putting out a quiz about David Turnbull without a manager announcement was, well… questionable. So, of course, the logical next step was using the club’s Twitter account to flog life insurance, because if you’re in for a penny, you might as well dip for the pound.

Of course, and we can’t stress this enough: this isn’t the fault of the people who work for Celtic’s PR department, or their social media staff. At the moment, it’s a thankless task. If the board aren’t supplying good news, then what are they meant to do? The wrong people are bearing the brunt here. Complaining to the Twitter team makes as much sense as going into a club shop and asking one of the assistants why we don’t have a manager yet.

A plea to Celtic: stop

Obviously, they’ll have contractual engagements with sponsors. That includes Adidas, who launched the new kit to similar opprobrium this week. And don’t get us wrong, it’s a beautiful kit, but we don’t know who’s going to be wearing it next season.

No, this isn’t another article to list the myriad issues at Celtic Park just now. There are plenty of those, and chances are you already know them.

Celtic supporters, not customers / (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

But it’s this tactless shilling that’s distasteful. Life insurance? Maybe people do want to insure themselves through a Club-provided service, and that’s their prerogative. But piling two unpopular campaigns together like this, offering the chance to win an away shirt, and the rest. Who do the Celtic board think we are?

Maybe this is much of a muchness. But just like when Celtic offered us chocolate in the midst of a crisis, it feels distasteful. Perhaps it’s a symptom of the commercialisation in football more widely, and that’s its own very worthy discussion.

Stop selling us stuff, Celtic. Not while the supporters are this anxious about the future of the club.

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